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There are about five months left until (weather and other variables permitting 🤞) we start shooting the low-budget Arthurian film project I embarked on last year . It was partly inspired by watching lots of bigger-budget ones , but I’ve been meaning to make a movie for ages, and the landscapes and locations I have to hand here on Dartmoor are perfectly suited to Arthuriana. (I had some very helpful advice early on from Elizabeth Jane Baldry , the director of Sir Lanval , another independent Arthurian project made round our parts.) Our film is called Gwenevere , and so far I’ve mostly been working on the script, storyboarding, and sorting out locations, while co-director  Sarah Reeve hones her lighting and cinematography skills. We’ve also been searching for a cast - it turns out finding actors and arranging to get them all together in one place is by far the biggest challenge. But I’m very pleased with the actors we have found: in the title role,  Laura Frances Martin will play Gwene