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The Complete Thatch the Moon

Sarah McIntyre and her web designer Dan Fone have just created a web page for our free Reeve and McIntyre story, Thatch the Moon . It features links to all five episodes, read for us by the wonderful Amy Sutton , and also some of the Thatch-the-Moon inspired drawings that people have shared with us on Twitter. And Sarah has turned her artwork into a large and elaborate Thatch The Moon colouring sheet that you can print out and pass to anyone who wants to while away the pandemic with some colouring in - ideally whilst listening to the story.  You can find it all on Sarah's website (where she also has pages devoted to all our books). And if it whets your appetite for McIntyre-authored picture books, don't miss her new one, Don't Call Me Grumpycorn , which has just been published by Scholastic. It should be available from all UK bookshops, but here's a link to one of our favourites, Nottingham's Page 45 , who stock all our books and can ship internationally.

Thatch the Moon

When I was seven or eight, my favourite bit of school was at the end of each afternoon when we all sat down on the floor and the teacher read us a story - a chapter a day from a book. Well now, if you’re stuck at home because your school is closed, you can recreate the heady excitement of those reading sessions with the long lost Reeve and McIntyre story, Thatch the Moon!  One of the reasons I love working with Sarah McIntyre is that, whenever we get together and talk, lots of ideas suddenly appear that we would never have thought of on our own. We’re forever coming up with stories - far more than we can turn into books. Some of them get abandoned, and some get folded into other ideas (like our detective duo Gosh and Golightly, who eventually found a home in Kevin’s Great Escape ) but a few weeks ago when I was looking through some old files I discovered an entire finished story which we'd written and forgotten about. Thatch the Moon was inspired by a series of pictures Sar