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Reeve&McIntyre Big Up Bookshops: DRAKE The Bookshop, Stockton-on-Tees

  Kevin was sad to be leaving Scotland, where he had met some lovely booksellers and some lovely biscuits - but he was looking forward to meeting some English booksellers next, and trying their biscuits. A quick fly over Hadrian’s Wall brought him to Stockton-on-Tees , where he landed outside DRAKE The Bookshop . There were some café tables on the pavement outside the shop, but although they were very nice café tables, they hadn’t been designed to take the weight of a whole flying pony, especially not one as roly poly as Kevin... Oh no! Luckily Margot the bookshop beagle was on hand to help him clear up the mess, and as soon as the tables were upright again she took Kevin inside to meet bookseller Melanie Greenwood . Kevin : What is the best thing about being a bookseller? Melanie : It's definitely the excitement on a customer's face when they come in to tell you how much they loved the book you put in their hands - perhaps something they would never normally have

Reeve&McIntyre Big Up Bookshops: The Portobello Bookshop, Edinburgh

Kevin loved Scotland - the shining lochs, the shortbread, the heather-covered mountains, the kindly people, the shortbread… He made several shortbread stops as he flew east from Islay, and of course he had to make a detour to the Tunnocks factory, but before too long he reached Edinburgh. It was the biggest city Kevin had ever flown over: he got a bit confused by all the streets and towers and turrets, and accidentally knocked the top off something called the Scott Memorial, but he didn’t think anybody noticed. It turned out Edinburgh had a seaside bit called Portobello, with a wide sandy beach, and that was where he found The Portobello Bookshop . He landed outside, and bookseller Alice invited him for biscuits and questions. Kevin: What is the best thing about being a bookseller? Alice: The people I work with! It's always a pleasure going to the bookshop and working alongside such brilliant colleagues. Bookselling is also a very versatile and fulfilling job which all