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More Adventuremice!

  My first two Adventuremice books with  Sarah McIntyre , based on her brilliant mouse paintings, are in the (UK) bookshops now. Otter Chaos introduces Pedro and the rest of the daring crew, and Mermouse Mystery sends them off on an underwater quest to return a baby mermouse to his subaqueous home.  But there’s MORE. A wintry story, Mice on the Ice , will be coming out in early September. There’s a long lead team on these books so Sarah completed the artwork for this one back in the spring - it looks absolutely gorgeous. And at the moment she’s busy painting the illustrations for the fourth book, which will come out early next year. In a break with the usual nautical theme we’re sending our mousey adventurers into SPAAAAAAAACE. Here’s Mice on the Moon ! And here’s Sarah in her studio with the original artwork. (Original artwork for the earlier titles is available to buy in her online shop.) The Adventuremice series is published by David Fickling Books and can be bought, ordered, or