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Reeve&McIntyre Big Up Bookshops: The Celtic House, Islay

What with one thing another, Reeve & McIntyre haven’t had a chance to visit many bookshops lately - so we thought we’d send Kevin the Roly Poly Flying Pony on a grand bookshop tour for us. Kevin doesn’t know a lot about books, but he does like biscuits, and where there are booksellers there are almost certain to be biscuits… Kevin decided to begin his tour at The Celtic House bookshop on the isle of Islay. It was quite a long fly, over shining silvery sea and mountainous islands, but he was soon circling above the little town of Bowmore. The air was filled with the cry of gulls and the smell of peat from the whiskey distillery, and he could see the famous round church and the long main street running down to the harbour. The Celtic House was on a corner not far from the sea. Kevin landed outside, and was welcomed in by Colin , the owner, and Charlene , the manager. Kevin had some Very Interesting Questions for them, but first he needed biscuits. So he clip-clopped up