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Utterly Dark and the Tides of Time

  Utterly Dark and the Tides of Time is on its way! The third book in the Utterly Dark trilogy begins on Utterly’s home island of Wildsea, in the spring of 1812. It begins with her keeping the promise she made in Utterly Dark and the Heart of the Wild to rejoin the Gorm in the depths of the sea. But the Gorm’s power extends not just throughout the oceans but through time too, and pretty soon Utterly finds herself in trouble in the strange, futuristic Wildsea of the year 1971. Meanwhile, back in the Regency era, her friends have troubles of their own. Cover art and interior illustrations are by Paddy Donnelly, and the book will be published in September. But it’s available for pre-order now, online or from you local bookshop. Please pre-order if you can: plenty of advance sales and sales in the week of publication make a big difference to a book’s chances. And please pick up Utterly Dark and the Face of the Deep and Utterly Dark and the Heart of the Wild if you haven’t already. They ar

Mermice and Gwenevere at the Bookery

The Bookery in Crediton is one of the best bookshops in this country, and you don’t have to take my word for it - they were literally voted Best Independent Bookshop and Best Children’s Bookshop at the British Book Awards last year. They organise fantastic events with local schools, and have arranged lots of school visits for me over the years, with and without co-author Sarah McIntyre. This year they’re marking their tenth anniversary, and have just unveiled a whole newly-built event space, which links the shop itself to the meeting room and Hub workspace areas out back, and has allowed for a rearrangement of the shop itself and an expansion of the children’s section (yay!). If you’re ever in that part of Devon (just north of Exeter) do drop in and have a look around - it’s a fantastic place, and they have loads of great events with visiting authors .  To celebrate the anniversary, the new space, and the start of Independent Bookshop Week , the Bookery threw a big party yesterday, wi